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Voici quelques liens utiles pour s'informer, lire en ligne, écouter la radio, regarder des vidéos  ....

Elèves, entraînez vous à écouter différents accents en anglais, connectez vous sur des radios d'Australie, de Nouvelle Zélande ou encore d'Afrique du Sud ... lancez vous ...

N'hésitez pas à me communiquer des liens utiles à rajouter !!!


Liens vers des sites anglophones consacrés à la presse et aux media: site de journaux, de magazines ... lien vers les unes de journaux dans plus de 60 pays  la carte des journaux du monde entier. liens vers la presse internationale site incontournable de la BBC

Newsweek :

Time :

Time for Kids :

The Sydney Morning Herald :

International Herald Tribune :

USA Today :

The Press : New Zealand news.

The Times :

The Independent :

The Guardian :

The Daily Telegraph :

The Irish Times :

The People : tabloid anglais :   

Anorak : tabloid anglais :

MAGAZINES POUR ADOS:  : Presents articles of interest to children ages 8-14, dealing with crafts, nature, world cultures, and science.  : A favorite with older boys and girls. Each issue is packed with amazing facts, awesome photos, outdoor adventures and discoveries that help kids sharpen reading skills and develop a deeper appreciation for our natural world. A 1999 Parent's Choice Gold Award recipient.  : Filled with fun activities, simple stories and wild animals that little ones love, Your Big Backyard draws preschoolers closer to nature and gets them ready to read. Youngsters will enjoy the seasonal crafts, simple cooking recipes, fun games and other great features month after month.  : BBC Knowledge magazine is a nature, history and science magazine from the British Broadcasting Corporation. Each issue of BBC Knowledge magazine features articles on inventions, innovations, news and more.  : Science magazine for young readers.  : Archaeology magazine for kids. Quizzes, fun facts, contest, more.  : Dedicated to exploring opportunities to volunteer, work, study and live abroad. Includes a free searchable database.  : On-line magazine for 9-14 year old girls featuring the latest fashions, pop gossip, beauty advice, screensavers, and competitions.  : Provides guidance and a voice for tween girls. Over half of content is written by readers who star in every issue, no models used. Includes some fashion and beauty tips, a minimum of celeb talk. USA and Canada.  : A magazine for female teenagers with advice, astrology and community tools.  : The BBC's teen zine. Includes chat, quizzes, message boards, horoscopes, showbiz news, health, advice and fashion for girls age 13 to 16.  : Popstar! Magazine is a positive teen-gossip entertainment magazine famous for finding start FIRST, for having the best photography and for our scoops on stars like Taylor Lautner, Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, & more!  : The #1 teen celebrity magazine  : Includes the latest celebrity gossip, fashion and beauty and guy and relationship advice.  : It's new! It's like regular Vogue, except for teens. It's the #1 magazine for fashion, clothes, and trends for teenagers.  :Teen magazine for games, beauty, fashion, horoscopes, quizzes and more.  : Magazine for teens with a passion for fashion, beauty and entertainment. Meet and chat with other girls from around the world.  : Online community for girls age 13 and up. Contains stories, games and interactive content. Deals frankly with sexuality, emotions, body image, etc.  : Magazine written by teens for teens. Any student may submit nonfiction, fiction, poetry, art, photos, music, reviews, and more.  : Halifax's magazine written by teens for teens.  : At last, the world's biggest & brightest celebrity weekly is available in the US. Get the glamour & inside scoop on your favorite starts. Celebrities invite OK! into their homes & on their vacations. OK! takes readers into celebrities' daily lives, from dining & diet, to health, beauty & shopping.  : reviews, news, photos and videos about today's music scene  : World news magazine for children. Includes polls, games, more.  : Magazine for children ages 8 and up, devoted to sports. Articles on sports figures of note, games, cartoons, fiction, and advice from athletes.  :  Packed with features, facts, photos, and fun stuff about horses and ponies.  : about sports : articles, videos, special features, truth and rumours and lots of pictures : games.


Lisez des oeuvres en ligne...

Read online :

The online Books Page :

Classic Bookshelf :

Public bookshelf:

Children's story books:

A story before bed: audiobooks :

AOL kids: audiobooks :

Storyline online : audio :



Voici des liens vers des radios ... bonnes écoutes ...  Com Fm : portail de radios du monde entier à écouter en direct sur Internet.

Surf Music, Irlande mais aussi d'autres pays. :


BBC radio :

BBC Radio 1 : music :

BBC Radio 2 : music and entertainment :

CBBC Newsround : top stories from around the world :

National Public Radio : radios américaines en ligne:

Spirit Radio, Ireland :

Today Fm, Ireland :

Celtic Radio, Scotland :

Web Radio :

Radio Australia :

Australian Radio Online : choississez votre station :

NZ radio guide : choose your station :    (New Zealand)


Movie List : Des bande-annonces des films les plus récents :

Movie Web : News, vidéos (trailers), sorties, commentaires sur le cinéma :

Pocket Movies : Bande-annonces en ligne :

Apple Trailers : Le site propose de visionner des bandes annonces de cinéma :

BBC video :

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