Megapean Eurozine N°2

By Christiane Eichel

L'adolescence est comme un cactus.
Anaïs Nin, "Une espionne dans la maison de l'amour"
Life is rather difficult for teenagers in our globalized world. But on the other hand, working in a team on this magazine offers the
unique opportunity of getting to know other teenagers living in different countries and in different cultures.
Plus tu critiques les gens, moins tu as le temps pour les aimer.
Mère Teresa

If we all loved each other more and stopped criticising the people who don't think the same way as we do, what a nice world this
could be. So let's work together for a more peaceful world. Un Français sait encore parler, lors même qu'il n'a point
d'idées; un Allemand a toujours dans sa tête un peu plus qu'il n'en saurait exprimer. Germaine de Staël, "De l'Allemagne"
Mme de Staël lived at a time when this might have been true, but Team Corsica has widely shown that French people know a lot and
can do a lot. So don't worry, the intercultural dialogue works .

L'indifférence est une infirmité de l'esprit et du coeur.
Françoise Giroud
That our teenagers might be indifferent, that is something nobody could say after reading the nice articles about
humanitarian actions.
Le bon sens est le concierge de l'esprit: sa fonction est de ne laisser entrer ni sortir les idées suspectes.
Daniel Stern, "Esquisses morales, pensées, réflexions et maximes"
Another good caretaker of our spirit is certainly our cultural and natural heritage. Nothing less than the UNESCO has taken
over the duty of preserving the remains of our past to build up a future that is worth living it.
Il n'y a pas de problèmes insolubles, il y a seulement des solutions désagréables.
Alexandra Marinina, "La Liste noire"

As far as the sustainable development is concerned, you can find quite a lot of interesting
solutions that our teenage reporters have collected in order to present them to a larger public.
In our first number of the Megapean Eurozine Jade Manarini wrote a beautiful article about the
International Women's Day. As the equality of men and women is one of the Millennium's Aims of the
UNO, we decided to have a closer look at the topic. So don't wonder if you'll find a good number of texts
related to this topic.
Enjoy reading our magazine and let us know if you like it.

Christiane Eichel


Voici le numéro 2 !!!

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What did you enjoy most in this etwinning project?
What difficulties did you have to face?
Do you believe you have gained useful skills for your future life?
Would you like to work on another etwinning project?

Congratulations to all of you! 
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