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Don't give me orders!
1st Stanza:
My , my ,
my and brother
The doctor, the , Grandfather, Grandmother!
, and neighbors, the lady!
All of their are driving me crazy!
your hair, your teeth, the cat!
that TV, this! that!
In the street, in the , at school or at ,
orders! Just me alone!
! Sit down ! ! Don't mess around!
Don't shout! !
Behave yourself in the !
your granny a kiss! Divide a hundred by nine!
These are the I get all the time!
2nd Stanza:
Mr Brown from next , Auntie Jane, Uncle Pete,
And the nasty old man at the down the street
The , the milkman,
My mum and my dad,
all of their orders are driving me .
Chorus (x2)