Conjugue le verbe au présent simple.

Clique ensuite sur "correction".
1. Mary sometimes (collect) mushrooms in the forest.
2. you often (call) your friends?
3. We never (have) toast and jam at breakfast.
4. It always (rain) a lot in autumn in England.
5. Horses (enjoy) eating carrots.
6. My teacher (try) to explain us mathematics with games.
7. I (not - have) enough time to go to the cinema tonight.
8. the moon (turn) around the earth?
9. I (not - make) my bed every morning.
10. Most rivers (flow) toward the oceans.
11. they often (invite) you for dinner?
12. The cinema (close) at midnight.
13. How often you (play) golf?
14. Dad usually (get up) early in the morning.
15. your sister (attend) high school ?
16. John (not - live) in New York, he (live) in LA.
17. Mum (watch) TV every day after lunch.
18. your father (look) angry?
19. We often (not - travel) by plane.
20. My brother never (empty) the dishwasher.