présent be-ing: forme interrogative.

Mets ces phrases à la forme interrogative. Commence la phrase par une majuscule !

Complétez. Cliquez ensuite sur "vérifiez". Vous pouvez utiliser "Aide" pour obtenir une lettre indice. Vous pouvez aussi cliquer sur "Indice" pour obtenir un indice. Vous perdrez des points si vous utilisez "Aide" ou "Indice"!
1. She is hiding in the garden.= in the garden?
2. They are watering the plants. = the plants?
3. My parents are visiting my grandparents. = your grandparents?
4. I am doing my homework. = my homework?
5. She is buying some clothes. = some clothes?
6. We are leaving at three this afternoon. = at three this afternoon?
7. The pupils are working on their test. = on their test?
8. My mother is sewing my jeans. = my jeans?
9. The policemen are following a gangster. = a gangster?
10.The dog is playing with its ball. = with its ball?