LES ARTICLES: the / X (= aucun article)

Complète avec: "the" ou "X" pour dire qu'on ne met pas d'article.

Complétez. Cliquez ensuite sur "vérifiez". Vous pouvez utiliser "Aide" pour obtenir une lettre indice. Vous pouvez aussi cliquer sur "Indice" pour obtenir un indice. Vous perdrez des points si vous utilisez "Aide" ou "Indice"!
1. Queen Elizabeth II lives in Buckgkimgham Palace.
2. American president works and lives at the White House.
3. I love straberries very much.
4. I sometimes watch television after school.
5. This is book I bought last week.
6 Australia is a country and a continent.
7. USA is a large country between Canada and Mexico.
8. blue is my favourite colour, what is yours?
9. She always skis in Alps and she often scuba dives in Bahamas.
10. My brother plays guitar.
11. Hurry up! dinner is ready!
12. sun is shining today.
13. I speak English very well.
14. Do you like horses?
15. It's time to go to bed.